Shares Her Experience

Working out has always been an important part of my “Wellness plan” if you could couch it as that. Early on it was important for me to look fit, toned and to be aesthetically pleasing.

As I progressed in life so did my health and the need to workout. At age 14, it was discovered I had Scoliosis (w/ 93 and 45 degree curvatures of the spine) and the only remedy was to have spinal fusion. After surgery, it has always been critical to build my core and keep a strong core to support my back. 

As life progressed, so did my health and I developed a series of autoimmune diseases:
Chrons Disease (a type of IBD that may affect any segment of the GI tract).
Ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis in which there is a long term inflammation of the joints in the spine) 
Fibromyalgia (medical condition characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response). 

Treatment for all of these include diet, exercise and medication. Certain medications can further suppress my immune system. With the Pandemic in 2020, its critical that I remain quarantined. Brendan partnered with me to find a way to keep my workouts going through Zoom even with some daily schedules that fluctuate. 

Due to the pain associated with these autoimmune diseases, there can definitely be days that I simply do not want to do this— working out at (or virtually) with Brendan of Peak City Gym is always just what I need. It provides the stretches both mentally and physically that I need.  He always starts the session by asking how do I feel? Did I get a good nights sleep? Does anything hurt? This always helps as he is able to tailor the workout to my needs and calibrate to what I am capable of doing. 

Finally, as I stated this about my “Wellness plan” — it is not only about taking care of the physical areas I have highlighted — it is also about mental fitness and finding the strength to deal with everyday situations that we encounter. The time that I spend working on me during the session with Brendan, allows for me to focus on something else besides the conflict at work, the challenges we are dealing with, problems we are aiming to solve, and ultimately gives me the space I need to deep dive and think clearly through to resolution where it so desired. 

Thank you, Brendan, for providing the space, the opportunity and grace to conquer all things related mental and physical fitness, strength and resiliency.

– Meredith


Shares Her Experience

I had been living with chronic pain for nearly forty years. Never did I believe that at the age of 62 I would be saying I am living PAIN FREE for the past 18 months! I owe much of this new found freedom to my coach, Shane Rabideau at Peak City Gym! I have never been one to work out regularly – I just did not even enjoy the idea of working out. Then I tried two different personal trainers over the years and still no success. 

The coaches at Peak City Gym have a unique approach to clients. Theirs is not a “one size fits all”. It is clear they assess the individual and customize the workout to the needs of that specific client. I have had three right shoulder surgeries and am told I need a reverse total shoulder replacement largely due to the inordinate pain I have been dealing with for years, even prior to the shoulder surgeries. About ten years ago I had a laminoplasty on my neck C3 thru C7. All of my chronic pain issues have been musculoskeletal—for years!  Even weekly massages were only taking the edge off the pain.

Because I was so accustomed to a paralyzing pain cascade that would last for days I was initially very skeptical of what I could and could not do in an exercise routine. The coaches at Peak City Gym are very intuitive and knew me well allowing me time to establish trust.  When I look back, I laugh , because I so implicitly rely on their expertise now!! I had reached a point of hopelessness in my chronic pain. But not now! I did not take on the reverse total shoulder replacement and the quality of my life is the best it has ever been! One day I may need the surgery but for now there is no reason. I am able to function beautifully and I feel really, really good about myself!

It has been a privilege to have Shane and Brendan at Peak City Gym in my life. They are respectful, professional, delightful and fun. I never feel like I am just an appointment. They make you feel like a friend for life! Thank you, guys, for being awesome!!! And thank you for the new lease on life you have provided to me!!!   



Shares Her Experience

Shane Rabideau has been my fitness coach for over 3 years.  I have had personal trainers before and done bootcamps but never stuck with anything for too long until now.  Shane is the most knowledgeable trainer/coach I have ever worked with. There is always a reason WHY we do every exercise in our sessions.  In fact, he ASKED to go – and went — to a dressage show a couple of years ago to ensure our sessions were enhancing my riding!  I have followed him from and to other gyms and I am so proud and happy that he and Brendan have made Peak City Gym the reality they envisioned!  

When I walk into Peak City Gym, it’s SUPER clean with state-of-the-art equipment.  My personalized workout for the session is on the monitor above my pod and my weights are all set up.  After working, riding, and any other daily tasks I have, I don’t always feel like thinking of what to do and use.  The coaches at Peak City Gym tailor your workouts to how you are feeling.  If I’m feeling a little off or tired that particular day, they adjust!  And if I’m feeling good and strong, they’re going to push me.  They really understand I’m here to keep doing what I love – riding — for the long term.

Even with the training via Zoom, Shane and Brendan have done a great job of delivering quality sessions.  They gave me a sandbag with sliders and bands so we could continue my progress when at home and not get bored with solely bodyweight workouts.

I would strongly encourage anyone to check out Peak City Gym if incorporating a healthy, personalized lifestyle for the long term is one of your goals.  These guys really understand their members and truly have our best interest at heart.

Services and Perks

Daily Classes

Our two flagship semi-private classes, “Ageless Athlete” and “Power Hour” are offered Monday through Saturday.

Specialty classes such as our Outdoor Bootcamp, Foundations Workshops, and others are offered regularly throughout the week and month.

Contact us for an updated schedule!

Open Access Hours

Whether you prefer to always workout alone or are supplementing the semi-private and small group classes on your “off days,” we have you covered!  Reserve a “pod” – complete with your own squat rack and space with absolute minimal sharing of equipment.  Complete your own workout or use one of ours!  A coach is always nearby if you need a spot or advice!

Heart Rate Monitor

Every member receives a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor with their membership.  While you get to see your heart rate and calories burned throughout the workout – we use it as a stress management tool, allowing you to get to achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

PCG Training App

Found in the App Store, download our app to schedule your appointments/classes, search our extensive exercise library with over 400 videos, and access past and current programs!

The in-app programs are great for frequent travelers, the occasional at-home workout, and Open Access times.

Smoothie Bar

Recovery is where the progress comes from!  We have a wide variety of smoothies with proper carbohydrate to protein ratios to ensure proper nutritional recovery post-workout.  Order when you arrive and it will be ready as you head out!

Whey and Vegan protein options available. All ingredients organic when possible!

Holistic Network

At Peak City Gym we specialize in resistance training for women and men over forty.  Through local partnerships with a Registered Dietitian and Spa, we have your nutrition, recovery, and self-care needs covered as well!


Reilly McNulty-Gimbel

Fitness Coach