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 Every session is completely about you! 

Whether you’re working toward participating in our small groups or simply want a more personalized experience our 1:1 is just for you! 


Looking to improve strength and mobility/flexibility?

Our small group classes will get our heart pumping while sparing your joints so you can do what you love both inside and outside the gym! 


Our classes bring focus on movements or intensity that break away from our more traditional training sessions. 

Join our outdoor boot camp, fundamental workshop, or active recovery!

family-owned training gym with a tailored approach for you

As a member of the PCG Family you’ll work with a team of highly qualified coaches to develop an individualized plan designed to meet you where you are and bridge the gap to where you want to be!

From Day One,
We Listen

We provide an energizing environment backed by experienced coaches and trainers, for you to be better than you were yesterday.

Certified Personal

Our team will help you build your mind, body, and spirit. Our mission at Peak City Gym is to get you to where you want to be, and make sure you enjoy the process along the way.


Karen Casiano
Karen Casiano
I can say as a middle age out of shape woman and wanting to get back into fitness after 2 years, this has been the best place to join! It's very personable & non competitive, judgement free zone to work out in! Love their small group classes! The staff is always so friendly and makes everyone feel welcome.
Estelle Tsalik
Estelle Tsalik
Peak City Gym is an awesome find in Apex. I had a great workout in the Ageless Athlete class. The small class made it easy for personalized form correction and modification. As a physical therapist, I love it when trainers can help people improve their functional fitness AND remain injury-free. If you're looking for a great workout, please go check out PCG. Their after workout protein smoothies are a plus too!
George Xouris
George Xouris
I was reluctant to check out this gym when my wife suggested it because I had never had a good experience with gyms before. I've been on the workout roller coaster for most of my adult life....into it for a few weeks maybe a month, then falling off the wagon for a few months (or even years). I was never able to sustain the motivation because I never enjoyed it. Well, all that changed when I joined Peak City Gym. I've been going for 13 months STRAIGHT (I think my personal record was 3 consecutive months) and have never felt better in my life. I'm in the best shape of my life, I'm stronger than I've ever been, and I have so much more stamina than I've ever had before. This has helped me mentally as well as physically, and has made everyday activities that I don't normally think about, much easier, like playing with my dogs, lifting heavy things, carrying boxes up flights of stairs, etc. Shane and Brendan are both awesome trainers. They really know their stuff! Their knowledge of exercise physiology is so impressive. They also take a sincere interest in my health and progress, and always ask how I'm feeling before a workout so they can adapt it, if necessary, due to an injury, soreness, or even a bad night's sleep. As if that wasn't enough, they're very friendly and fun to be with. They also keep their gym sparkling clean, wiping down every piece of equipment after it's used. Coming here is one of the best investments I make in my life and for the first time, I actually enjoy going to a gym! I highly recommend PCG! They must be great to keep somebody like me coming back.
Khloe Martinez
Khloe Martinez
This gym is so good because i love it and the shakes are so good. 10/10 i recommend it! 😘
Andia Xouris
Andia Xouris
My husband and I have been going to Peak City for almost one year now and it has been the best decision we've ever made for our health! Both Brendan and Shane are fantastic trainers and really know how to encourage you to get the most out of your workout. We are small business owners which comes with many challenges, and going to the gym twice a week keeps us fit and ready to tackle more, both mentally and physically. I am so grateful for this place and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a small, premium gym experience!
Robyn Merck
Robyn Merck
Loving my gym experience at Peak City Gym. I've never been much of a gym person or certainly not consistent when I've tried at other gyms in the past. The small class setting is great and I love the variety. It has become a top priority to me.
Julia Allsbrook
Julia Allsbrook
If you’re looking for a gym with consistent and effective programming + knowledgeable trainers who work to meet your needs, goals and all modifications this is the gym for you. There is tremendous support and a great sense of community at peak city gym. I am challenged yet still look forward to going everyday. This gym is a gem and if you’re reading this you should try it out!!
Debra Smith
Debra Smith
Peak City Gym is the place for me! I’m one of the first members and I have not regretted it one bit. This is one a place that I look forward to going to every week. Anytime you go to the gym you are always greeted by one of the three trainers, two of them are brothers that own the gym (Shane and Brendan) and the other is Kelsey. For me having the trainers at every session at the gym, it ensures me that my workout is done properly. I am one of the older members at the gym. When I first went I could barely move around and I had some back issues. With the help of the trainers they have shown me ways to do a work out so that it doesn’t affect my back. I can honestly say that my back issues are in the past. This is a type of gym where it’s a family atmosphere. We all know each other and we are excited about everyone’s progression. I’ve been to many other gyms in my lifetime and I have never progressed as I have going to this gym. Even during Covid they offered classes online so that we could continue forward in our goals to a healthier living. The gym is extremely clean which is something that is very important to me If you’re looking for somewhere to go and you’re not for sure where to start I would suggest at least trying out Peak City Gym. You won’t be dissatisfied.
Leah Cyphert
Leah Cyphert
Peak City Gym is the best gym experience I've ever had. As I've gotten a little older, and my sports-related injuries have gotten more noticeable, I felt completely incapable of figuring out what to do that didn't hurt. I was never super-knowledgeable about what to do or how often to do it and the worse I felt, the less I felt capable of doing. After almost 7 weeks with Brendan and Shane, I'm experiencing less pain day-to-day while regaining a tremendous amount of lost flexibility from years of desk-sitting. I'm also having a blast. The small group settings allow me to get personal instruction as needed, while sharing the space with a few new friends. My confidence has increased tremendously and I look forward to my morning wake-up routine. I'm always greeted by name, when I walk in the door and I feel like I've joined a family instead of a gym. 10/10 would recommend.



We provide an energizing environment, backed by experienced coaches and trainers, to put you on the path to your fitness goals.


Our close-knit, supportive community will keep you accountable, engaged and supported. We celebrate success and stick together during adversity.



You’ll get the results you want from our programs. We’re invested in your success and want to see you happy, healthy and excited!