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We help people over 40 take back control of their health and fitness even when they’re frustrated from lack of results from fad diets and conflicting information.

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Welcome to the PCG Family!

Peak City Gym is Apex’s Premier Fitness-Over-Forty Training Gym. We are a family-owned training gym with a holistic, tailored approach to health and fitness. As a member of the PCG Family you’ll work with a team of highly qualified coaches to develop an individualized plan designed to meet you where you are and bridge the gap to where you want to be!

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Apex’s Premier Fitness-Over-Forty Training Gym!

Daily Classes

Our two flagship semi-private classes, “Ageless Athlete” and “Power Hour” are offered Monday through Saturday.

Specialty classes such as our Outdoor Bootcamp, Foundations Workshops, and others are offered regularly throughout the week and month.

Contact us for an updated schedule!

Open Access Hours

Whether you prefer to always workout alone or are supplementing the semi-private and small group classes on your “off days,” we have you covered!  Reserve a “pod” – complete with your own squat rack and space with absolute minimal sharing of equipment.  Complete your own workout or use one of ours!  A coach is always nearby if you need a spot or advice!

Heart Rate Monitor

Every member receives a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor with their membership.  While you get to see your heart rate and calories burned throughout the workout – we use it as a stress management tool, allowing you to get to achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

PCG Training App

Found in the App Store, download our app to schedule your appointments/classes, search our extensive exercise library with over 400 videos, and access past and current programs!

The in-app programs are great for frequent travelers, the occasional at-home workout, and Open Access times.

Smoothie Bar

Recovery is where the progress comes from!  We have a wide variety of smoothies with proper carbohydrate to protein ratios to ensure proper nutritional recovery post-workout.  Order when you arrive and it will be ready as you head out!

Whey and Vegan protein options available. All ingredients organic when possible!

Training. Nutrition. Recovery.

Private Coaching

Whether you’re working toward participating in our small groups or simply want a more personalized experience, with private coaching, every session is completely about you! 

One of our highly qualified coaches will design and guide you through a program based on your goals and information from your initial assessment. 

Meet with a coach up to 3 times per week and have the complete, undivided attention of your coach during each of those 50-minute sessions. 

With our tiered membership system, you’ll be able to supplement your personal coaching sessions with small group classes and open access hours!

Ageless Athlete”

Looking to improve strength and mobility/flexibility?

Our Ageless Athlete Semi-Private sessions are the perfect fit!

With a 1:4 ratio of coaches to members, you’ll receive the benefits of personal coaching in a small group setting.

Each session is a 50-minute, total body workout so you know you’re hitting all movement patterns and muscle groups every time you’re here.

We have several progressions and regressions for each and every exercise to accommodate any skill/fitness level or injury history.

“Power Hour”

Is traditional cardio getting too boring or hard on the joints?

Our Power Hour small group classes will get your heart pumping and sweat pouring while sparing your joints so you can keep doing what you love both inside and outside of the gym!

These 50-minute classes employ a variety of HIIT protocols (depending on the day) such as tabatas, pyramids, AMRAP, and more.

Just as we do with our Ageless Athlete classes, we will modify exercises and set/rep schemes to accommodate all fitness and skill levels.

These small group classes are capped at a 1:8 ratio of coaches to members.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Enjoy getting your heart rate up with a more cardio-intensive workout outdoors! This class breaks away from our more traditional indoor Semi-Private classes and utilizes various pieces of equipment including Battle Ropes, Air Dyne Bikes, Agility Ladders, Medicine Balls, and more.

Much like our indoor classes, we employ progressions and regressions of each exercise to accommodate members with varying limitations and fitness/skill levels.

Active Recovery

Progress takes place during the recovery! This class can best be described as all of the “stuff” you should be doing but often neglect.

This class typically ranges from 35-45 minutes and encompasses foam rolling any and all “problem areas”, dynamic/static stretching, mobility work, and breathing techniques.

Active Recovery classes are designed to improve soft tissue (muscle) and movement quality while calming the nervous system leading to more optimal performance both in and out of the gym.

Fundamentals Workshop

The Fundamentals Workshop is a monthly class with an in depth focus on a particular piece of equipment (kettlebells, TRX, barbell, etc) or movement (bench press, deadlift, squat, etc).

Learn tips, tricks, and variations to perfect form and carry those newly acquired skills to your own workouts and semi-private sessions.

Nutrition Coaching

Complementing our approach to training, our Nutrition Coaching is nual beginning mid-January and mid-August.

Meet regularly with a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach to identify obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals. Develop individualized strategies with your coach to overcome those obstacles that fit your lifestyle.

Members of the program are invited

The PCG Nutrition Program has also partnered with local restaurants to create healthier menu items to keep you on track while still enjoying the finer things in life!

We have some EXCITING UPDATES to the nutrition program for Fall ’22! Contact us for details!


Manual therapy is as much a part of recovery as nutrition and sleep.  Our partner, Spa By Jing down the road in Cary, NC, offers a variety of massage and other spa services at special rates for Peak City Gym members.

We Train With Passion


Reilly McNulty-Gimbel

Fitness Coach

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For those that need to experience

21-Day Trial Membership

This one-time, 21-day trial membership includes:
 8 semi-private classes
“Open Access” (by appointment) during business hours
Access to our in-app workouts and exercise library

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For those who like to run with the pack

Semi-Private Training Memberships

8x, 12x, and 16x Per Month Options (2-4x Per Week)
§  Flexible Class Schedule
MZ1 MyZone Heart Rate Monitor
Open Access (by appointment) during business hours
Access to our in-app workouts and exercise library

Speak With a Coach For More Details

For the ambitious

Private Coaching Memberships

6x and 12x Per Month Options (2-3x Per Week)
8-12 Small Group Classes Per Month
§  Flexible Coaching and Class Schedule
MZ1 MyZone Heart Rate Monitor
Open Access (by appointment) during business hours
Access to our in-app workouts and exercise library

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